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> 钞票大把的钻石鲨氏族, 不太出名,但却是MAD CAT MK2的创始人
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The noble sea fox once belonged to us, bit it has proven weaker than we. We have survived where it has not, by becoming one with the predator that killed it.

The diamond shark prowls through the ocean in search of prey, scorning the smaller creatures of the sea in favor of the more powerful opponents. It sees the sea fox, graceful and lethal, but knows itself more lethal still. Here is a foe worth fighting...here is an enemy against which the diamond shark may test its mettle!

The gray shape glides through the water, every inch of it a weapon so silent that its victim cannot hear it coming. It bides its time, watching and waiting, plotting the best moment to strike. As the sea fox rises from the water, the diamond shark leaps out of the waves behind it and arrows down in a deadly arc. It plunges back into the surf a hair's breadth from the sea fox, so close that the diamond-hard ridges on its side draw the doomed fox's blood. Too fast for the fox to react to the danger it only now sees, the shark leaps again, this time catching its prey in its powerful jaws and snapping its neck with the slightest downward pressure...

-- Clan Diamond Shark story of former and current namesakes.

Clan Diamond Shark's history is certainly one of the more distinct in Clan history. No other Clan has been forced to make a more fundamental change than the Diamond Sharks.

Clan Diamond Shark began its existence as Clan Sea Fox, named by Nicholas Kerensky for a seallink reptilian predator found in Strana Mechty's freshwater oceans. Nicholas admired this animal for the honor it apparently paid to its prey, seeming to bow to its opponent before attacking. Nicholas saw the ability to honor one's enemy as one of the essential traits that set the true warrior apart from the barbarian killing machine. Clan Sea Fox remained admirably faithful to that trait, as well as to the idealism and adaptability bequeathed to it by its two most influential Khans.

Clan Sea Fox quickly gained a reputation for free thinking liberalism and a openness with its lower castes which was remarkably different from the other Clans. Under the leadership of Khan Karen Nagasawa, Clan Sea Fox was soon known for its democratic ways and liberal attitudes toward all its caste members. Khan Nagasawa's policies paid off hugely as the Clan reaped substantial benefits from its exploration teams and the Clan-wide information network, the Chatterweb. With access to a number of extremely lucrative markets as well as being one of the first Clans to deploy OmniMechs, Clan Sea Fox rose to a high stature in a remarkably short time. All of these successes, though, came at a high price. The sea fox, once an endangered species, was soon to fall to a man-made threat.
海狐氏很快因思想自由的自由主义和迥异于其他氏族、对低阶层的开放而出名。在Karen Nagasawa大汗的领导下,海狐氏不久就因为对全体阶层的民主方式和自由态度而为人熟知。Nagasawa的政策收益巨大,而该族也从勘查队和氏族信息网络Chatterweb中收获了巨大红利。随着许多非常有利的市场的开放,以及成为第一个部署万能机甲的氏族,海狐氏在极短的时间里就达到了一个很高的高度。但是,所有这些成功也付出了巨大的代价。海狐这一度濒危的物种,不久就陷入了一个人造威胁。

Khan Howell of Clan Snow Raven, angered at recent losses to the hated Clan Sea Fox, ordered his scientists to create the ultimate aquatic killer. The Snow Raven scientists genetically engineered a Terran great white shark to become an even more fearsome predator. The new shark was dubbed the diamond shark, in honor of the diamond hard ridges on its flanks. The shark was then released into the sea in search of prey. It found it - in the sea fox. The sea fox of Strana Mechty knew no natural enemies. It was at the top of the food chain the planet's oceans and greatly admired by Clan Sea Fox. Within weeks, the diamond shark had decimated much of the sea fox's population. Soon the sea fox, which had already been saved from extinction once, was doomed.

No one knew of the sea fox's plight until Khan Clarke sailed out to give tribute. As Khan offered homage to the sea fox, he and his attendants were shocked to see a sea fox brutally killed by a previously unknown sea creature. Khan Clarke ordered the capture of the creature. A squad of Elementals managed to capture the beast, but the Sea Fox scientists were unable to identify its species. The arrival of the diamond shark left the Sea Fox Khans in a quandary. A quick survey indicated that the sea fox would be extinct before the end of the year. Clearly, the diamond shark proved the superior of the sea fox.

Khan Clarke called for vote allowing Clan Sea Fox to change its name to Diamond Shark. During the debates, it was revealed that the Snow Ravens were responsible for the destruction of the sea fox. Some of the other Khans were sympathetic to the Sea Fox's dilemma, but in the end the vote was cast against the name change. Khan Clarke immediately declared a Trial of Refusal and won the right to change the Clan's name.

After much pondering and soul searching, Khan Clarke came to a controversial decision. Khan Clarke threw the vote to change the Clan's name open to all members of the Clan. The warriors were enraged by this, but Khan Clarke stood firm in the face of opposition, defeating all challengers. In the end, the Clans name was changed to Diamond Shark. The Sea Fox was gone forever.

Few Clans were pleased by the vote, the Smoke Jaguars least of all. Appalled that the Sharks would let their lower castes have a say in anything, the Jaguars launched a major attack against a Diamond Shark holding. Khan Clarke ordered his units to use flexible tactics, knowing that the Jaguars depended upon rigid battle plans and strict adherence to the chain of command. The Diamond Shark units crushed the Jaguar force, proving that the Sharks were not as weak-willed as some thought. Though born more than a century apart, Khan Karen Nagasawa and Khan Damon Clarke did more to shape Clan Sea Fox than any other leaders in this Clan's history.
几乎没有哪个氏族对这个投票结果满意,至少烟虎氏最不满意。钻石鲨让低阶层开口说话的行为令他们胆战心惊,于是烟虎对一颗钻石鲨星球发动了一次大规模进攻。Clarke可汗命令他的部队采取灵活的战术,因为他知道烟虎依赖严格的作战计划和对指挥链的严格遵守。钻石鲨部队粉碎了烟虎军,证明钻石鲨绝非有些人想的那样意志薄弱。尽管Karen Nagasawa和Damon Clarke两位可汗出生相差一个多世纪,但他们对海狐氏所塑造的比这个氏族历史上任何其他领袖都要多。

Clan Diamond Shark occupies a unique position among the Clans. Within a rigidly hierarchical blueprint for society, they have come closest to democracy; among people convinced that military strength depends on tight controls and reverence for the chain of command, the Diamond Sharks have achieved remarkable battlefield prowess through the kind of flexibility other Clans disdain. Clan Diamond Shark is also the only Clan ever to have changed its name, a startling shift for a society that values order and stability above virtually all things. In changing its name, Clan Diamond Shark adapted to a unique set of circumstances. Its ability to do so most clearly demonstrates this Clan's unorthodox nature.

Century of Change

The next century brought about great changes as the Sharks continued to show themselves to be expert merchants and scientists. Many technological advances, including the perfection of many BattleMech weapons, gave the Sharks great tactical flexibility as its warriors were amongst the first to field OmniMechs. Diamond Shark scientists also discovered the harjell, which, when combined with a starch produced a extremely durable and flexible substance used in the repair of Elemental armor and securing hull breaches on DropShip, JumpShips and WarShips.

The Crusaders demands for invasion put the Diamond Sharks in a difficult position. While they agreed in principle that the Inner Sphere needed to be brought into the fold, they were at odds with the other Clans as to the method. Over the last century, the Sharks had slowly transitioned from being a Warden Clan to Crusader. The Sharks disagreed with the Wolves about leaving the Inner Sphere alone and definitely did not want the Smoke Jaguars leading the attack. The Jaguars brutal policies and attitudes toward the lower castes left the Shark Khans concerned about the future of the Inner Sphere. Clan history had shown that the Jaguars would likely incinerate any population center that caused them too much trouble.

As the years passed, the Diamond Shark Khans came to the decision that invasion was inevitable and they were the logical Clan to lead the invasion. When Khan Kherlin Ward proposed Wolf's Dragoons in 3005, the Diamond Shark Khans voted in favor of the proposal. The lack of information concerning the Inner Sphere convinced the Shark Khans to wait until they learned how matters fared in the Successor States.
随着时间的流逝,钻石鲨可汗断定入侵不可避免,而他们必将领导入侵。Kherlin Ward可汗在3005年提议派遣狼龙骑兵时,钻石鲨可汗对这项提议投了赞成票。内天体情报的缺乏让钻石鲨可汗深信在了解继承国家进展如何之前应该等待。

Fortunately, the decision to wait proved correct. The information provided by Wolf's Dragoons convinced many that the Inner Sphere, rather from being a collapsing hulk, was beginning to thrive once more. Further evidence showed that the Successor States were rapidly regaining the technology lost during the ruinous Successor Wars. The emergence of the Federated Commonwealth alarmed many Crusader Khans. They cited that the Commonwealth was on the verge of rebuilding the Star League on its own!

The matter was debated further over the next few years, with all talks of invasion stalled by the Warden Khans. The decision to invade came when Khan Leo Showers presented evidence that the Inner Sphere was readying itself to invade the Clan homeworlds. Khan Showers' eloquence not only guaranteed the invasion, but that he would be elected ilKhan.

The bidding for slots in the invasion force was fierce, only Clan Wolf (by virtue of being the heirs of the Kerensky's) was exempted from the many brutal Trials. Khan Hawker's Diamond Shark forces did not fair well in the Trials and was forced to accept a position as a reserve Clan.

The Diamond Keshik journeyed with the invasion force and fought well alongside the Jade Falcons. The Keshik performed so well, in fact, that prominent Jade Falcons schemed to remove the Diamond Shark presence from the invasion force by any means. The Sharks were eventually force to limit their role in the Inner Sphere, but not after winning the planet Nyserta from Clan Ghost Bear.


As with the invasion itself, Khan Ian Hawker failed to earn his Clan a pre-eminent place during the bidding for this historic battle. Over-eager to win the right of first landing and over-confident of his warriors' strength, Khan Hawker initially bid a mere six Clusters, and dared not go too far below his opening gambit. The Khans of the other Clans all surpassed Clan Diamond Shark in the number of concessions they could make, and so Clan Diamond Shark ended up landing second to last. Adding insult to injury, Clan Smoke Jaguar won the right to land first.
和入侵时一样,Ian Hawker可汗没能在这场历史性会战的战争投标期间为他的氏族赢得一个好位置。由于太急切地想赢得首批登陆的权利,以及对他战士能力的过度自信,Hawker可汗的初始报价只投了六个星团,而且不敢把开局兵力降太低。其他氏族可汗在回旋余地上都大于钻石鲨氏族,于是钻石鲨氏族最后的登陆次序是倒数第二。而烟虎氏赢得首批登陆的权利更是在他们的伤口上撒了把盐。

The Diamond Sharks' target cities, Kozice Prime and Urcunat, lie a mere 20 kilometers from each other on the far side of the Kozice Valley. All five Clusters of the Shark assault force landed in the valley; Alpha Galaxy's Nineteenth Heavy Cluster and Thirty-ninth Striker Cluster headed toward Kozice Prime, while Gamma Galaxy's 222nd Assault Cluster and 369th Striker Cluster headed toward Urcunat.
钻石鲨的目标城市Kozice Prime和Urcunat坐落在Kozice谷远处,两城间距只有20公里。钻石鲨进攻部队的全部五个星团都降落在山谷内:阿尔法星群的19重型星团和39打击星团直捣Kozice Prime,而伽马星群的222突击星团和369打击星团直奔Urcunat而去。

Alpha Galaxy's Nineteenth Heavy Cluster met the 182nd and Eighty-fifth Divisions of the Third ComGuard Army in the foothills overlooking Kozice Prime, while the elite Thirty-ninth Striker Cluster clashed with a division of the Eighth Army as the Clan 'Mechs entered the narrow end of the Kozice Valley. The Nineteenth Heavy fared well against the Eighty-fifth, but could only make a little headway toward their objective before the 182nd Division outflanked them. The 182nd held Alpha Galaxy' forces down in a brutal slugging match, while the remaining 'Mechs of the Eighty-fifth joined the Thirty-first and Fifty-sixth in an attempt to disrupt the Sharks' supply lines.
阿尔法星群的19重型星团在俯瞰Kozice Prime的丘陵那里遭遇了通讯卫队第3军的182师和85师,而精锐的39打击星团和第8军的一个师发生冲突,那时氏族机甲进入了Kozice谷的狭窄尽头。19重型星团和85师交战时打得不错,但在182师从侧翼包围他们之前19星团进展甚微。182师把阿尔法星群牵制进了一场硬拼的战斗,而85师的残余机甲加入了企图破坏钻石鲨补给线的31师和56师。

Gamma Galaxy's Clusters quickly turned their attention to this new threat, and the 222nd Assault Cluster won the honor of destroying the raiders. The conflict between the 222nd and the ComGuards' Eighty-fifth Division was particularly brutal, with neither side able to gain the upper hand for some time. Finally, Star Colonel Seth Davis grew so frustrated that he called upon the remaining Clusters of Gamma Galaxy for help. The added 'Mechs enabled him to crush the Eighty-fifth, only to lose all but a single MechWarrior to the avenging Thirty-first and Fifty-sixth Divisions.
伽马星群的星团很快把注意力转到这个新威胁上,222突击星团赢得了消灭袭击者的荣誉。222星团和通讯卫队85师之间的战斗特别惨烈,双方都无法维持一段时间的上风。星团长Seth Davis感到非常灰心,于是他叫伽马星群剩下的星团来帮忙。赶来的机甲让他击垮了85师,但最后只剩下一个机甲战士面对前来复仇的31师和56师。

While Gamma Galaxy battled the doomed Eighty-fifth and the divisions of the Eighth Army, Precentor Burkenbine's Fifth Army executed a combat drop behind the Sharks' front lines, neatly cutting Alpha and Gamma Galaxies off from their landing zone and supplies. Meanwhile, the ComGuards troops already in the valley received reinforcements from the Eighty-second, 301st, and 182nd Divisions. The shocked Diamond Shark Khans found their Galaxies completely surrounded and dangerously low on ammunition.

Khan Hawker regrouped the surviving Alpha and Gamma Clusters for an all-out frontal assault in a desperate attempt to break through the deadly ring of ComGuards 'Mechs. Meanwhile, Khan Sennet called upon the reserve 'Mechs of Omega Galaxy to rescue the front-line units from the trap. While Omega Galaxy fought its way past the 323rd and 299th Divisions of the Fifth Army, the rest of the ComGuards cut down the charging Alpha and Gamma Galaxy OmniMechs like so much wheat. The frontal assault, so prized by Khan Hawker because he considered it more Clan-like than more devious tactics, proved a fatal mistake in the brutal contest with the well-equipped and far trickier ComGuards.

Despite the heavy damage done by ComStar's forces, Omega's reserve 'Mechs finally managed to punch a hole in the ComGuards' iron net. The remnants of Alpha and Gamma Galaxies limped back to the landing zone, the ComGuards harassing their flanks and rear all the way. Just as the Clan drew within sight of its DropShips, the ComGuards massed for a final killing assault. The Diamond Sharks waited for the deadly blow, but it never fell. Instead, the freebirth MechWarriors of Omega Galaxy silently spread out and met the enemy head-on. The ComGuards destroyed Omega Galaxy, but the freebirths' sacrifice cleared the way for the remnants of Alpha and Gamma Galaxies to make good their escape.

In recognition of the incredible bravery shown by a class of warriors he had always de-valued, a chastened Khan Hawker formally rescinded his ban on freebirth warriors serving in front-line OmniMechs. Despite the courage of its troops, Clan Diamond Shark lost almost all of the troops it had committed on Tukayyid.


The near-total destruction of their forces on Tukayyid cost the Diamond Sharks many of their finest officers as well as much of their pride. As if to add insult to injury, within a year of the Tukayyid debacle, they lost Nyserta to several Ghost Bear Clusters determined to take their world back. In the six years subsequent to the disastrous battle on Tukayyid, the Diamond Sharks have spent enormous amounts trading with the other Clans and rebuilding their touman. Diamond Shark merchants have made enormous profits in recent years selling goods and equipment to the invading Clans. Diamond Shark transports are the least threatening to Inner Sphere, but their WarShips will not hesitate to attack any vessel that interferes with their trade.

In the interim, Khan Hawker has ceded control of the Clan to Angus Labov, head of the politically powerful merchants council, in return for the resources to rebuild. The Diamond Sharks have rebuilt their military in record time.
在这段过渡期里,Hawker可汗把对氏族的控制割让给了政治上非常强大的商会领袖Angus Labov,作为对重建所用资源的回报。钻石鲨在创纪录的时间里重建了他们的军力。

In the years since 3056, Clan Diamond Shark has slowly recovered some of the considerable honor it lost by losing so clearly on Tukayyid. Khan Ian Hawker himself was one of the fourteen Khans present at the Grand Council and with his scorn for the pragmatic, voted against Clan Jade Falcon Khan Elias Crichell's nomination for ilKhan. It was the negative votes of the Diamond Shark Khans that allowed Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Jade Wolf, a Clan formerly named Wolf, declare a trial of refusal against the election of Crichell to ilKhan and kill Elias in that trial.
自3056年开始,钻石鲨氏族慢慢恢复了一些可观的荣誉――显然是因图凯伊德战役失去的。Ian Hawker可汗本人是出席上议院的十四可汗之一,他出于对实用主义的蔑视投票反对任命碧玉鹰氏族的可汗Elias Crichell为大可汗。正是由于钻石鲨可汗的反对票让碧玉狼氏族(以前称为狼族)的弗拉德•沃德可汗能对Crichell中选大可汗一事提出否决试炼,并在那场试炼中杀死了Elias。

Prior to the recent Inner Sphere counterattack, Khan Hawker joined forces with Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney in an attempt to absorb one or more of the invading Clans. Fortunately for the Inner Sphere, the move was defeated by quick thinking by Wolf Khan Vladimir Ward and Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde. Fortunately, few Diamond Shark troops participated in the Harvest Wars initiated by Khan Ward.
在最近的内天体反攻前,Hawker可汗加入了冰鹫氏可汗Asa Taney的军队,企图吞并一个或更多的入侵氏族。对内天体而言十分幸运的是,这个活动败给了狼族可汗弗拉基米尔•沃德和碧玉鹰可汗Marthe Pryde的快速判断。幸运的是,参与“收获战争”的钻石鲨部队几乎没有被沃德可汗吸纳的。

The Clan Diamond Shark's ability to adapt and adjust to their situation and surroundings is the thing that differentiates them from the other Clans and may be the one thing that allows them to recover from their disastrous loss to ComStar on Tukayyid, regain their honor, and return to their position of power as one of the invading Clans.

Death of a Clan

With the defeat of the Smoke Jaguars in the Inner Sphere and on Huntress, the Clans found themselves with the unprecedented prospect of an Inner Sphere invasion of Strana Mechty. The Star League Defense Force soon challenged the Clans to a Trial of Refusal over the invasion. If the Inner Sphere won, the invasion was over and the invading Clans would retain the worlds they had conquered. If the Clans won, the invasion would resume. The Warden Clans refused to participate in the Trial, leaving the eight Crusader Clans to face the SLDF. As the Smoke Jaguars had only two Binaries of troops left, it was decided that each Crusader Clan would only commit two Binaries to the battle.

The Diamond Sharks, who had over the years since Tukayyid switched to the Warden faction, refused to take part in the battle with the SLDF. How the merchant-oriented Clan will respond to the new opportunities now made available to it in the Inner Sphere is unknown at this time.

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